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Unlocking Ancient Wisdom: Exploring Spiritual Depths Through Sculpture Art

Ancient Wisdom

Mixed Media Sculpture (2024)


Creating "Ancient Wisdom" has been a deeply personal journey for me as an artist. I meticulously shaped this biophilic art sculpture from gypsum powder to skillfully mirror the raw beauty of a natural rock face, capturing the intricate details of Earth's geological wonders with every curve and crevasse.

I carefully integrated various preserved mosses into the sculpture's landscape, infusing lush greenery into the nooks and crannies of the rock face. This deliberate choice evokes a profound sense of tranquility and a connection to nature. "Ancient Wisdom" beckons viewers to reflect on the enduring relationship between organic and inanimate elements.

Nature has always been my source of inspiration, and moss-covered rocks, in particular, lead me into meditative moments, contemplating ancient spiritual truths. With this sculpture, I intentionally sought to bring that sense of wonder indoors. My hope is that "Ancient Wisdom" provides viewers with a similar experience, inviting them to engage with the artwork and contemplate the resonance of ancient spiritual truths.

The symbiotic harmony between the carved rock and preserved moss serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all life. This piece encourages introspection and a deep reverence for the timeless truths that have endured through the ages. "Ancient Wisdom" is not just an art sculpture; it's a biophilic composition that captivates the senses and guides a profound journey into the contemplative realms of the soul.


Shaping Stone with Gypsum Powder and Palette Knives

The process began with sculpting the rocks using gypsum powder and a variety of palette knives. Studying references of rock faces allowed me to capture the natural shapes, ensuring authenticity in every detail. Tinting the gypsum putty with darker hues, I then layered lighter colors to carve away, achieving a harmonious blend of textures and colors.

Carving Crevices for Moss Inlay

To prepare for the moss inlay, I carefully cut deep crevices into the rocks, strategically planning for the lush greenery that would grace the sculpture later. This meticulous step ensured that the moss would seamlessly integrate with the rocky landscape, adding depth and character.

Moss Magic: Pillow, Flat, and Lichen Moss

With the rocks finalized with a secure matte coating, attention turned to the mosses. Using tweezers, I intricately laid in three different kinds of preserved moss - pillow moss, flat moss, and lichen moss. Each variety brought a unique texture and vibrancy, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the sculpture.

Securing Nature's Touch: Polyurethane Spray

To preserve the delicate mosses and ensure longevity, a final coat of polyurethane spray was carefully applied. This not only secured the mosses in place but also added a protective layer to the entire sculpture, allowing it to withstand the test of time.

The Signature Seal: A Mark of Authenticity

As a finishing touch, my signature seal was added, signifying the completion of a labor of love and attention to detail. The sculpture now stands as a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and artistic expression.



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  • Kathleen Joy

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