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kathleen joy moss wall moss artist des moines iowa airport hotel lobby Dr office dentist o

Moss Wall

kathleen joy moss wall moss artist des moines iowa airport hotel lobby Dr office dentist o


by Kathleen Joy

You want that WOW factor in your home or business?

Try taking the botanical and biophilic design to a whole new level by going BIG

Kathleen will walk step-by step with you in a SIMPLE process for commissioning a large moss wall installation or biophilic mural painting.  Kathleen's art will make it feel like you stepped right into the forest itself!

Need some ideas?
A little Ai magic can help you see what moss walls can look like in a space similar to yours. Check out the Ai moss wall images I made for you to get some ideas.

Transform your space into a stunning masterpiece. Discover the beauty of nature through a harmonious blend of colors and various botanical elements expertly crafted by my hands and artistic eye. As a passionate creator, I specialize in bringing nature's wonders into your surroundings. Whether you desire a partial home upgrade or a complete workplace transformation, I use moss, natural branches, rocks, and other organic elements to design unique and captivating pieces of art. Your vision is my inspiration, and I am committed to exceeding your expectations. Embrace the essence of nature with customized moss wall art tailored to your space. Contact me to elevate your environment with the beauty of biophilic artistry.

Moss Wall Art For Residential and Commercial Spaces

Welcome to the captivating world of moss wall artistry, where nature and sophistication converge to transform your living and working spaces. As an experienced biophilic artist, I specialize in creating unique moss wall installations that infuse organic elegance into your environment. Whether you're a homeowner looking to refresh your hallway or a business seeking universally admired wall decor, my creations seamlessly integrate with any setting. From enhancing partial walls to orchestrating complete hall transformations, each piece is meticulously crafted using moss, natural branches, rocks, and other organic elements. With years of expertise and ongoing refinement, I bring unparalleled skill in harmonizing nature with interior spaces. Explore the beauty of customized moss wall art to redefine your surroundings. Elevate your space with this eco-conscious and visually stunning form of art, expressing your love for nature and creating an atmosphere of tranquility. Contact me to bring the allure of biophilic art into your home or workplace and let's craft a masterpiece that captivates hearts.

Why Choose Me

Elevate your space with the expertise of a seasoned artist boasting nine years of professional experience in the intricate realm of biophilic moss wall installations and murals. As the foremost moss artist in Iowa, I bring a unique blend of creativity and expertise to every project, ensuring your vision is not just met but surpassed. From intimate moss enhancements to expansive mural transformations, I specialize in crafting nature-inspired masterpieces that seamlessly integrate with your surroundings. Choose me as your dedicated artist to experience the perfect fusion of tranquility and aesthetics in your space. With a commitment to excellence and a profound love for nature, I'm here to turn your ideas into a standout testament to the captivating beauty of biophilic art. Let's collaborate to make your space a true masterpiece that reflects both your vision and my expertise.

Customized Projects

Experience personalized moss wall art tailored to your space. Whether it's a partial transformation or a full-scale workplace mural, I specialize in bringing your unique ideas to life. With nine years of professional expertise as Iowa's premier moss artist, I offer a creative touch that seamlessly integrates with your surroundings. Elevate your space with bespoke biophilic art that reflects your vision and captivates with natural beauty.

Did you know?

Preserved moss is AMAZING for sound proofing! Your art will help create a quiet space.

Preserved moss continues to clean the air even after it is preserved! Your artwork will help you take a deep breath in your quiet space.

Preserved moss regulates moisture levels in the room! Your art will help make your space "just right" for a relaxing moment. 

botanical sculpture moss art

Proficient in various forms of art, the creativity Kathy exercises in all of them is quite remarkable.  When I saw this newer display of her talent in the working of moss art, I was captivated.  I commissioned her to do a moss art piece for our home and was not disappointed!  Each piece of her art is unique and certain to captivate one’s heart and mine is doing just that.

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