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botanical wedding bouquet flower painting.jpg

Wedding Bouquet Portrait Paintings

Do you want to capture you special day FOREVER with something SUPER UNIQUE?!

Or maybe you want to buy a FANTASTIC wedding gift for

a new couple!

It also makes a romantic wedding anniversary gift.


Kathleen Joy paints wedding bouquet 'portraits' to save the beautiful arrangement forever. Commissioning Kathleen for a painting is super easy.


If you are wondering about the price, Kathleen has made it easy for you to get a ballpark idea if you are interested. She prices her acrylic paintings at $1.20/square inch. There are lots of size choices so simply message and let her know what kind of space you'd love to fit your ONE-of-a-kind original artwork! 

Simply Click "Inquire for more Info" and let Kathleen know what size you want. She will lead you through the rest of the process.

botanical wedding bouquet flower painting.jpg
botanical wedding bouquet flower painting.png
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