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The Adventurer

Kathleen Travels to unique locations to find the materials for her botanical sculptures and moss pieces. She finds the special materials on her adventures and incorporates them into her work to make each piece an extremely unique experience. Follow her adventures in collecting materials on her blog and social media.


About Me

Botanical Sculpture, Painter, & Moss Artist

I am passionate about nature because in my moments alone in the deep woods, I feel peace like I can find nowhere else.


I have always been an artist since I was very young, experimenting with many mediums. But once I discovered using moss and natural elements in my sculpture work, something resonated deep in my soul that words fail to describe. I felt like I had discovered something sacred and ancient in how I related to the pieces. From then on, I decided I wanted my work to create sacred spaces so others could step into the same depth of what I was experiencing in my soul.


This world can be chaotic and heartbreaking, but I found a place in my artwork that brings the soul back to it’s true intended existence in a sacred and secret space that is deeper than this natural world.

There is something magical about using nature to create. I feel like I’m painting with creation as my medium in a co-laboring with the creator himself to make something new on the Earth together. In my work, I get to capture that moment of peace when I go for a walk in the woods alone where I can finally just breathe and every pressure of life fades away. I want everyone to experience that feeling of beautiful peace in the soul.

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