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Art Show for Kitty!

I'm hosting a virtual art show to help my Beloved Kitty get free from Pain!

When: July 18, 2023 - 6pm

My dear furry companion, Samwise, is in desperate need of our help. He is not just a pet; he's family to me, and seeing him suffer is tearing me apart.

Samwise is bravely battling excruciating dental issues that have left him in immense pain. His gums are inflamed, and he can't eat properly, which breaks my heart as he's always been such a food lover. The situation is dire, and he needs surgery to remove all of his teeth. This is the only way to take away his pain and give him a chance at a happy life. But once they are removed, he will be healthy and happy again! He’s just suffering so much right now.

My personal funds have been depleted entirely as I've been preparing for a mission trip to Nigeria this August. The H.E.R. Path Project is an initiative I deeply believe in, as it aims to empower young women and help them escape period poverty. While I'm passionate about this project, it has left me financially drained.

Time is against us. The surgery for Samwise is scheduled for Monday, and I need your support to make it happen. I must raise the funds before then to give my kitty the best care possible and relieve him of his pain.

I know that art has the power to bring people together and create positive change. So, I'm hosting a Facebook LIVE Art Show tomorrow at 6 pm Central Time to showcase ALL the art I have in stock, including pieces you’ve NEVER seen before. Your attendance and support during this live event will mean the world to me and my furry friend.

Every purchase you make will not only bring a unique piece of art into your life but also contribute to Samwise's medical expenses.

If you can't buy art, don't worry! Your presence and sharing with your family and friends will also make a huge difference! I would love to see you attend and chat with me LIVE even if you can’t buy art.

But I understand that not everyone can buy art or attend the event. If you'd like to help Samwise directly, you can donate to his GoFundMe page. Any amount, no matter how small, will be a step toward taking away my beloved kitty's pain.

This is a race against time, and I'm humbly reaching out to each and every one of you for help. Together, we can ease Samwise's suffering, give him the care he deserves, and help make the H.E.R. Path Project a reality for young women in Nigeria.

Please, let's come together, share this urgent plea, and let compassion guide our actions. Samwise and I are eternally grateful for any support you can provide.

With heartfelt urgency and hope,





P.S. Updates on Samwise's condition and our progress toward the fundraiser goal will be shared with all of you. Thank you for being our ray of hope! ❤️

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