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Celebrating Iowa: LIVE mural painting at The Iowa State Fair - Kathleen Joy & Laura Todd Partnership

Kathleen Joy & Laura Todd partnered to paint LIVE at the Iowa State Fair this year!

If you didn't get a chance to see their work at the fair in-person, you get to see it now and hear from the artists! Laura and Kathleen are very good friends and often partner for larger projects. The Iowa food and family project wanted to have as many artists involved as possible, and once they learned that these two love being a team, they asked them to create something special with the theme of soybeans together. Laura felt particularly connected to the soybean theme because her grandfather was a soybean farmer. She loved the opportunity to honor his craft through her work.

A work from Kathleen -

"I was so excited to be at the state fair again for art! I had the opportunity in 2019 to create two large 3D chalk art murals at the fair. I loved that experience so much that I wanted to be at the fair every year from then on. I'm so grateful we got to create together because Laura and I work so well as a team. We even got to be interviewed on the radio about it! It is just a fun experience overall. I can't wait till next year!"

A word from Laura -

"Live painting at the state fair was a dream come true! When I was little I used to imagine myself all grown up and being like the artists I’d watch making their creations for the fair-goers. I really loved watching all the little kids light up when they saw us painting, a very full circle experience!"

Kathleen and Laura had some fun with the selfie station right next to the mural :P

Here are some close up photos of the finished mural with the finishing touches of REAL SOYBEANS adhered to the mural to form the heart.

If you'd like Kathleen & Laura to design a beautiful mural in your home or business, don't be shy! Just reach out to Kathleen and we'll have a chat. You can send a simple email by clicking HERE.


There were other artists creating murals as part of the Iowa food and family project. Check out the other pieces! Artists: Amy Thomas, Jenna Brownlee, Sarah Stott

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