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My Very 1st Moss Art Workshop!

I was SO excited to share an incredible day with a fun group of people for my very first moss art workshop!

We met at Slick Designs in Ankeny, Iowa which made the most lovely, cozy setting for our moss art workshop. I had so much fun helping everyone design their unique piece of artwork, using the materials they had brought.

One of my favorite items was a pair of elephant ear mushrooms that they scratched writing into. They had created it long ago and it was a nice sentimental memory that was sitting on a shelf for so long, but now it had a place to shine in being made into artwork. It was so beautiful.

I shared my expertise with everyone how to design their work with an artistic eye, great composition, and master craftsmanship. They all turned out so so sooooo gooooood!!!! I wished I could hang them all up in my living room to enjoy over the cold winter months. I'll just have to make a lot of my own this winter to keep for myself I think ha.

I hope to have another moss art workshop in the spring. Make sure you're signed up for my newsletter if you want to secure a spot when it comes time.

Enjoy these pictures of all the amazing moss art!


Kathleen Joy

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Kathleen Joy
Kathleen Joy
Dec 15, 2021

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