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Moss Art Workshop in Prairie City

I had the BEST TIME teaching the moss art workshop at the Prairie Escape Wellness Center this past Saturday!

8"x8" stained wood frame for creating moss mini artworks

It was the first time I lead a workshop with the moss art "mini" size 8"x8". My workshops previously were the 16" rounds. They turned out beautiful, but I felt the workshop was too long and wanted to test out how a mini size would go for everyone. And OH IT WENT BEAUTIFULLY!

I taught everyone about the different materials to use for their pieces and about the three different kinds of mosses we would use. After some tips from me on how to create a perfect composition in their art, everyone got to work on their piece. I walked around to answer questions and give advice on how to use the elements they brought in their art. Everyone brought natural elements from walks outside. I love watching every piece develop and look so different from each other. I feel like I get to know a bit about everyone's personalities through what they choose to put on their art. Everyone's moss mini artworks turned out so beautiful and unique.

Did you know that the moss is preserved so it doesn't need sunlight or water to look beautiful for years to come? These biophilic artworks are perfect for those shady places of the home that don't see sunlight. There are so many great places for these artworks to be displayed in the home. They are designed to hang on the wall, but you can also lay them flat to display as a table centerpiece or on the coffee table! If you don't have a cat that is. Kitties will take a bite out of most plants ha. I hope all my guests share photos of their artwork in their new homes and tag me so I can see how it looks!

I've got another moss workshop coming up May 7th, mother's day weekend. It's a perfect opportunity to do something really fun with mom together! It's also a neat way you could make something really special for mom as a gift. Spots are limited so sign up HERE if you wanna join the next moss art workshop!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at one of my workshops in the future!



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