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Moss Art Commission at Sacred Health - Des Moines, Iowa

I am so excited!!!! I finished my commission for Sacred Health's Moss Artworks!

I was SO EXCITED when Sabbath at Sacred Health wanted to commission me for a special moss artwork installation in their business.

I was excited for two reasons -

#1 - Of course I am ALWAYS excited to do commissions. I love creating commissions because it is a way I can create for a specific person, with their specific needs and vision. I get the honor of meeting them and talking about what they desire and I will often go take pictures on site of where the art will be installed to talk about the vision for the space. I loved getting to know Sabbath at our first meeting in her space and getting to see where the art was gonna live so I could make it special for the space itself. If my client is close by Des Moines, I will always consult in the space itself to make it perfect.

#2 - I was so excited BECAUSE of the space the botanical artwork was gonna live! Sacred Health was the most perfect place to hang my work because it went so perfectly along with my mission as an artist to "create sacred spaces" with my art pieces. The moss art pieces are now hanging in the waiting area where people who are seeking healing for their heart before entering counseling sessions will get to enjoy the art. I hope and pray that the art will give them peace as they contemplate all they are trying to sort in life. I always find moss helps me get grounded in my emotions and helps anxiety melt away. I hope it does the same for others.

Not only will you have piece of mind that you will receive high quality work, but another benefit of commissioning a professional for your fine art is all the details of installation. I came to Sacred Health to install the botanical pieces for my client because I want to take care of my patrons. I will hand deliver and install all pieces within a reasonable driving distance at no extra cost. I also get the added bonus of getting more time to get to know my lovely patron and see the finished artwork in its new home!

I got another exciting invitation from Sabbath as well while I was there! She offered a partnership to host future moss art workshops at Sacred Health and I am so pumped! The space is ABSOLUTLY gorgeous. It will be such a peaceful place to teach and make some moss pieces. I'm so pumped. I'm not sure yet when I'll do my next workshop, but if you want to stay updated about that, be sure to join my newsletter if you haven't already! Comment below and let me know if you are excited about moss art workshops!

I am hoping for many more commissions in businesses and homes for my moss artworks. I love to create them and I put so much love and care into their design.

I hope and pray these moss pieces will bless hearts with great peace and deep healing to all who see them.


Kathleen Joy

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