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I'm writing a Discipleship Journal

I need your help ❤ my mission as an artist is to create sacred spaces. I do that through my paintings and my botanical sculpture with the hope that others can join me in my deep emotional and spiritual experiences during the creation of each piece.

But I also want to lead people on the same journey I experience in reflection and journaling moments of divine encounter and process. I am developing a bullet journal that has been a deeply passionate project of mine and precious to me in my Christian faith. I want to share it with the world eventually in publishing it for everyone to use. I’m at a point in the development process that I feel I need some input to work out the flow of the journal and find any kinks in it’s usability.

So I want to start a beta test group with intentionally chosen individuals that would like to help me test the pages as the development of the book before it is released to the public.

I will select ONLY 20 individuals among those who apply to help me test the pages and journal flow who I feel are a good fit for the beta group. I will be conducting the test community through a private Facebook group.

The beta group perks:

- you get to be part of an exclusive group with top-secret info to work on a project together

- access to all journal pages as I develop them

- have a voice in developing a journal that will help disciple many hearts into closer relationship with Jesus

- be part of a community on a mission to develop a special tool to build kingdom principles in believers

- You’ll be my VIP! And you’ll get a chance to get to know my heart more through the development process as it’s very personal how these pages are developed

- Be the FIRST to have access to buying the journal when completed

Expectations for those in the group:

- will be expected to give honest input to strengthen the design and usability of each page

- Participates in group discussion about the project

- Will not be permitted to share ANY of the materials released to the group. All information and designs must be discussed and shared only In the group.

- Willing to share (some) journaled content as part of community building and review of the page designs Qualifiers:

- should either be a Christian or interested in learning Christian discipleship lifestyle - Interested in journaling

- Willing to participate in giving feedback that may or may not be implemented

- Won’t be offended when input is not implemented

- Has a mindset going in that you are part of a special community to work on something together as a team

If you want to apply, answer the questions in the group membership request (link below) and I will review your answers. Please don’t be offended if you are not chosen ❤ I still value you as a fan, I’m just going to be very intentional in choosing a group I think will mesh well together and have varying perspectives to offer.

--- music by: Josh Crawford - Musician website:

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