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Celebrating Iowa Farmland Mural - Local Des Moines, Iowa Artist Team

I just finished this mural with my partner, Laura Todd, at LT Organic Farm in Waukee, Iowa.

We were invited to remake a mural they had on their building for the past 10 years with our own spin. We opted to use bright, fresh paint colors and add hits of colorful flowers to celebrate Iowa's beautiful farmland.

We even added little goats and chickens to customize it more to LT Organic Farm.

Laura and I visited the goats for some inspiration for the mural!

Overall the mural took us 2 days to complete. We were even surprised how fast we worked together! Ha! It was fun to work in the open air and be visited by various farm animals.

We are so proud of this new mural and hope it puts a lot of smiles on faces as guests coming to eat at the farm see it walking in.

If you, or someone you know, wants a mural at their business or home, don't be shy about reaching out!

You can email me at

I'd love to chat about creating for you!

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