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Exclusive Moss Wall Art by Kathleen Joy

With nature’s beautiful creation, using different types and colors, I make your wall a piece of art. It’s Kathleen Joy, a biophilic artist specializing in creating art with botanical elements. With my art, I bring nature’s splendor to your space. I can design a partial part of your home or a complete wall at your workplace using moss, natural branches, rocks, and other natural elements. I am always open to listening to my client’s ideas and making sure that I surpass their expectations with the final results. Call me for customized moss wall art at your space.

Moss Wall Art For Residential and Commercial Spaces

Whether you are a homeowner looking to add a unique style to your hallway or a business seeking wall art everyone admires, moss wall art is the perfect solution. I’ve worked with homeowners and businesses who wanted to express their affection for nature and display their love for the environment. I’ve designed from partial walls to complete halls with moss, and every piece of art was admired by the clients. I’ve spent several years in this domain of biophilic art and mastered it through continuous learning and by making improvements. So, when you hire me for the job, you’ll be amazed by the final results.

Why Choose Me

Domain Expert

Being a professional moss wall art expert, I’ve spent years in this branch of biophilic art and mastered moss wall art through continuous improvements and learning.

Customized Projects

Whether you want a partial space to be customized or want a full wall artwork at your workplace, I can make customized moss wall art as per your needs.

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Light and Shadow

Moss Wall

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