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The Other Side

"And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes." - John 21:6


In this season of my life, this scripture is one I've contemplated often. I have many areas of my life shifting. I feel like I'm looking for that path that will lead to all I've dreamed of in my heart. I have done things many ways, trying to find that path. But I know there is one way to do it that will finally open everything up to my destiny.


I am fascinated at the simplicity of the sculpture that they were fishing long and hard, but when Jesus said to try the right side specifically, and in his timing, they couldn't hold what they caught alone. My prayer has been to hear precisely where to cast my net have the impact I dream of.

The Other Side

    • Your art is made with preserved moss. That means Zero maintenance! No need to water or keep in sunlight. 
    • In fact, the best thing you can do for your art is to keep it out of direct sunlight.
    • You also want to display it somewhere that isn't TOO hot or TOO cold or TOO dry or moist. So right by a fire place or in a bathroom that doesn't have great ventilation for all that moisture might not be the best home for it. 
    • If it gets a little dusty, a compressed air can like you'd use on electronics makes cleaning a breeze! 
    • And lastly, I don't recommend touching the moss too much. It won't hurt the art, but it might stain your hands or your cloths! The moss has been dyed to preserve that lovely green color so I don't want you to experience a literal green thumb while enjoying your botanical artwork! 
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