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I Found Treasure!

I found treasure! I wasn’t even planning on searching for art materials today. I was hanging out at the fish hatchery just exploring when I saw this REALLY steep hillside nearby with some thick wooded areas.

I just felt this pull in my heart from Holy Spirit as an invitation to climb that hillside. I thought, is that really you God? What’s up there? And I just felt like he was saying, “I just wanna show you something.” I thought ok that’s really cool to get an invitation from God for any reason and I’m really curious what he wants to show me. I thought maybe he wanted to tell me something when I got up there. But when I got to the top I found the most HUGE elephant ear mushrooms I have EVER SEEN! They belong in Jurassic park! I didn’t even have a bag! I had to makeshift a container out of my second shirt I had with me to carry the treasure. There was more than I could carry. Oh what a fun gift God gave me I can’t wait to put these in my artwork. This will be a blessed art piece indeed! If anyone wants to commission a piece with these treasures let me know! This is the first time I’ve experienced something like this with God and I will treasure the memory. Have you ever experienced something like this? Share in the comments I want to hear about it!!!




#botanicalsculpture #mossart #VisitDecorah

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