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Realistic Nature Murals by Kathleen Joy

Kathleen Joy here; I am a professional muralist, an adventurer, and a nature lover. My love for nature greatly influences my art, so I make hyper-realistic and in-depth nature murals. I’ve made large murals for hotels, restaurants, and corporate offices and can make one for you as per your needs. I always ask for clients’ specific requirements before making a mural artwork and give them a rough idea about the final results on paper. I am familiar with different paints and art styles, so whatever you can imagine, I can create them on your walls. Call Now to get your wall painted with your beautiful imagination of yours.

Taking Your Space Close To Nature

I love nature in every aspect and am always get amazed by every new discovery. To keep my mind calm and peaceful, I often head to the woods to take deep breaths and gather some scenes for my new paintings. So If you want to feel the same in a closed space or want to make your customer feel the joy of being among nature, I can paint a sizeable realistic mural art to give your space a soothing vibe. Moreover, I always try to connect and bring people close to nature so that they can feel its charm without sparing time from their busy routines.

Why Choose Kathleen Joy

Expert Nature Artist

Creating Nature artworks and making them nearly realistic is what I specialize in. I ensure you get the same soothing feeling by adding depth to my images through the finest details and shadows.

Customize Murals

Whether you have an idea in mind or inspirations from the internet to merge to create a unique piece of art, I can customize mural art as per your requirement.

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Light and Shadow

Nature Murals

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