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Moss Nature Sculpturing Art by Kathleen Joy

When you want something unique in your interior that attracts every sight towards it, I suggest adoring your space with a natural moss sculpture artwork. With a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and mastery of biophilic art, my artwork will enhance your space’s aesthetic appeal and give the whole room a peaceful ambiance. I take inspiration from nature and convert it into art pieces using botanical elements to add depth and detail to my artwork. You can visit the online shop or call me for customized artwork.

Customized Moss Sculptures

Moss comes in various types and colors, so I can make customized sculptures and shapes you want to display on your walls. My clients can choose the color and size and can also add specific changes when it comes to customizing artwork. You may want me to write the name of your loved one on a frame with moss or may have another plan. I always discuss the details with my clients before making a moss sculpture and make sure that all details are visible in the finalized artwork. I also share my expertise with the client and make sufficient changes to keep the artwork up to the mark. Call now for customized moss sculptures!

Why Choose Kathleen Joy

Master Nature Artist

My forte is in depicting natural scenes with almost photorealistic detail. I add depth to my artwork with subtle shading and depth to depict the natural scenes perfectly.

Specialized Creations

I can tailor my moss wall art to fit any space, whether it’s a small accent wall in your home, an entire hall in your office, or a framed nature sculpture.

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Light and Shadow

Moss Nature Sculpturing Art

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