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Professional 3D Chalk Artist in Des Moines, IA

It’s Kathleen Joy, a professional 3D chalk artist in Des Moines, IA. I specialize in creating life-size, even bigger 3d chalk art on the ground or walls. I make your events much more fun through my 3D Art, which always attracts everyone’s attention and engages a wide range of audiences. I travel all around the world to make this beautiful and fun Art for my clients. I also work with event organizers, event management agencies, and even brands to market their products through my 3D chalk art. Connect with me for booking.

A Fun Way To Add A Charm To Your Events

At large promotional, public, or corporate events, I perform live and make these magnificent art pieces that everyone loves and admires. Because of the highly immersive and detailed look of this 3d Art, I bring the scene to life. My 3D chalk art always wows the audience and is also a photo magnet for everyone at every event. People enjoy watching me turn a simple walkway into an illusion of a pool, hole, or portal to another dimension. Being a professional 3D chalk artist, I keep advancing my skills and always add more depth to my Art to make it look more realistic and interesting. Call Today to book an appointment!

Why Choose Me

Finest 3D Chalk Artist

Having years of experience in making Art at events, I am the best 3d chalk artist who can help you portray your brand in a creative way through the finest and most immersive artwork.

Serving Around the World

I travel worldwide to make these 3D artworks for my clients so that you can hire me anywhere around the world that is accessible.

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Light and Shadow

3D Chalk Artist

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