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Maintenance Free Moss Art by Kathleen Joy

Would you love a design that brings your space close to nature and uses natural elements to assemble the art? If yes! Then Moss art is something you can’t miss while designing your residential or commercial space. I am Kathline Joy, a professional moss artist known for bringing nature to your homes through my artwork. I make moss art wall frames and can also design a whole wall using the ingredient straight from the woods around the world. I pick nature elements like wood sticks and moss from the wood during my adventure trips and arrange them in frames or walls as per your requirement. I am available 24/7 and promptly answer calls and queries. Call Today!

Art That Sooths Your Soul

For nature lovers, nothing is more soothing than being surrounded by greenery. I create natural scenes from deep down the woods and reflect peace through my artwork. From small frames to large full-wall moss art projects, I can create a nature-immersive and relaxing experience for any space of yours. I use maintenance-free moss to create these artworks, so you won’t even have to do anything but hand the frames on the wall. I also make murals, 3d Chalk Art, and more, so you can also get these other services in one place. I love to answer your queries, so if you have anything in mind, we can work on it, starting with a discussion on call.

Why Choose Me

Customer Experience

I love interacting with new people from around the world, and my passion allows me to do this as I cater to clients from the world around me and make sure that they always enjoy working with me.

Affordable Pricing

To spread my art around the world and help nature art lovers fulfill their wish to have beautiful nature artwork in their space, I keep the prices of my artwork to the lowest.

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Light and Shadow

Moss Art

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